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This is a collection of handouts created by The Kristy Corner. This page is continuously updated so visit often! If there is a topic you would like to learn more about, please contact us. Tag The Kristy Corner on Twitter or Facebook with #thekristycorner or #thekristycornerhandouts.

Business and Academic Writing

Business Emails

Business Letters

Conveying Negative Messages in Business

Essay Writing Guide

Profiling Your Audience

Persuasive Business Writing

Writing an Essay

Writing for Business

Writing Summaries

English Grammar


Articles - The, A, An

Clauses - Relative and Contact Clauses

Clauses - Noun, Adjective and Adverb Clauses

Conditional Sentence Structure

Future Tenses

Infinitives and Gerunds

Inversion - Verb before Subject

Mixed Conditionals

Narrative Tenses

Negative Prefixes

Parts of Speech

Passive Construction

Plurals - More than One Rule


Relative Pronouns

Silent Letters - Letters Without Sound

Spelling Rules

Spoken Tags - Turning Statements into Questions

Subjunctive Structures


Tenses in English - Present and Past

To Be - The Essential English Verb

To Be - Usage Rules

Wishes and Regrets


General Canadian Pronunciation Guidelines

Letter Sounds - Consonants and Vowels


Silent Letters

Tongue Twisters - Practice your English!

Word Stress and Syllables


Coffee Shop Questions

Ordering Coffee

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