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Of Collisions and Compromise


Between my spiked lemonade

and his pints of Kokane beer,

…playing late night Truth or Dare

I had my first shot of rum

and passed out in his arms.

Between my rice and curried chicken

And his potatoes and rare steak,

…at my parents’ house

he tasted curried goat

and ate three platefuls.

Between my hip-hop radio station

and his country and western tunes,

…summertime by the pool

he let the pop station play

just to see me dance.

Between my lines of poetry

and his lines of computer code,

…he wrote the program

that we use each night

to talk over the Net.

Between my university education

and his practical work experience,

…i penciled him in everywhere

in the schedule on the wall

of my residence room.

Between my romantic babbling

and his logical explanations,

…i want us to be together

right now, no more waiting.

That’s why he’s working, he says.

Between hours of long-distance calls

and Toronto-Vancouver commutes

…we fell in love.

(c) Kristy Kassie, September 21, 2002

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