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I'm an English and ESL Instructor and Private tutor originally from Trinidad and Tobago. I was also a TV Reporter for Accessible Media from 2010-2015. I live and work in Vancouver, Canada.

Published Creative Writer
I enjoy writing flash fiction and creative non-fiction, usually in 1,000 words or less. I also write some poetry. I started submitting my flash fiction for publication in online magazines in 2017 and have enjoyed moderate success. My published work includes:

Closure (2019)

Grease Frightening (2017)

Love is Blind (2017)

The Hurricane (2017)

Different Eyes (2017)

English and English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor

I have been an English tutor since 2007. Since getting my Provincial Instructor Diploma and Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language in 2009, I have taught in small and medium-sized classrooms at Douglas College and Vancouver Community College and at several international colleges in Vancouver. I enjoy teaching adults because they possess their own motivations and goals for their education. I pride myself on making education relevant and engaging to each individual learner. I believe that the biggest challenge facing adult learners is achieving a balance between their personal, educational and professional lives. One of my goals as an adult educator is to help students find that equilibrium.

Other Projects

As a person with vision loss, I promote a message of inclusivity and integration. People with vision loss are not restricted to socializing with others within the blind and low vision community. Likewise, their social activities do not have to revolve around blindness. A night out at the theatre or an exhibit of modern French art is not impossible. Vocaleye Descriptive Arts has opened my eyes, no pun intended, to a whole new realm of possibilities. And with proper mobility skills and the right technology, like Loadstone GPS, getting around is easier than ever before. I am proud to be involved with both.

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Reviews of Described Theatre and Events

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