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About Kristy Kassie

Kristy, in a red blouse over a black and white top, curly black hair framing her medium-brown skinned face, sitting on her patio with pink and blue hearts painted on the glass door behind her.

Kristy Kassie was born in Trinidad and Tobago. She immigrated to Toronto in 1992 with her parents and younger brother and has lived in Vancouver since 2003.

“I can describe myself as a ‘blind, brown woman’ and give up because that’s three strikes against me,” Kristy says. “Or I can choose to achieve anything I want to. I choose the latter. No, I’m not amazing. I’m determined.”

Personal Projects

Your Eyes, My vision - April-August, 2022

A collage of Kristy's handpainted sunflower rocks

In the spring of 2022, I was selected as a participant in a project that paired sighted mentors with people who are blind or partially-sighted and who want to create visual art. I had started painting rocks as a hobby in 2020 when Covid19 limited my socializing and I welcomed the opportunity to work with an artist who could guide me. I wanted to create a series of rocks with sunflowers in support of Ukraine. Read more here.

PUSH Yourself!

The Kristy Corner butterfly logo above the words Push Yourself!

I have been legally blind since birth and I realized very quickly that, if I wanted to succeed, I had to make the effort. I had to nurture and believe in my potential, I had to develop and maintain an urge to aim high, I had to have a tough skin and I couldn't let obstacles stop me. Nothing comes to you unless you seek it. I want to empower people with disabilities through what I call the PUSH Philosophy.

Loadstone GPS

The Loadstone logo with a black locator symbol and white lines of latitude

Loadstone GPS, a GPS app for blind or low vision pedestrians, is the brainchild of Shawn Kirkpatrick, a programmer and electronics genius who is blind. I am very proud to be its webmistress and public relations champion.

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Reviews of Described Theatre and Events

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