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Accessible Media logo I was a TV reporter for Accessible Media (AMI) from 2010-2015. With no relevant experience under my belt, I cut my teeth at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. i can still remember my heart thudding when I called the Executive Director of the BC Pavillion and the Communications Manager at the Royal Canadian Mint to request interviews. After the calls, I just sat back in stunned disbelief at having just been granted both interviews. To be clear, I was not acting on behalf of AMI at the time. I was simply testing the power of my new press pass. Who was I to know I would get through sight unseen? Before my first official assignment for AMI, I visited the site of the shoot, the Spirit of Place art exhibit, and tested out a few questions when I ran into the exhibit curator. Needless to say, I was very prepared for that shoot. Can't say the same for my first BC Lions press conference. Can't believe I showed up to a football field in ruffled chiffon, sparkly bangles and ballet slippers. I loved every minute of working for AMI. Check out the Accessible Media website to learn more about AMI-tv and AMI-audio.

Celebrating 5 Years with Accessible Media!

! Here are my top 5 favourite assignments. Which are your favourites?

  1. Stanley Park Ghost Train
  2. Interview with Brad Williams
  3. Marvin's Millions
  4. Jelly Invasion
  5. Delicias de Alicia

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Kristy Kassie, AMI Reporter

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