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2014 AMI-tv Assignments

Christmas at the Burnaby Village Museum - November 24, 2014

Strolling through the decorated streets of an old village as carollers serenade you...there's no better way to welcome the holiday season! Watch the Christmas at Burnaby Village segment.

Kristy rides the C W Parker Carousel

The Music Therapy Bandwagon - October 27, 2014

Music Therapy Ride is a motorcycle ride fundraiser that raises money for music therapy treatment in BC. This includes the Bandwagon, a portable recording studio which allows patients to experience the healing magic of music from their beds or in the community. Watch the Bandwagon segment.

Kristy with Carol Weidemann and Patrick Zulanov

Stanley Park Ghost Train - October 9, 2014

Peter Hall, artistic director, gives me a guided tour on the Stanley Park Ghost Train. Candy, nursery rhymes invaded by Halloween characters and getting my face painted...what more can I ask for at Halloween? Watch the Ghost Train segment.

Kristy, her face painted with a Hello Kitty skull, stands with Peter Hall

Maan Farms - September 23, 2014

We visited Maan Farms in Abbotsford to learn all about pumpkins, squash and Thanksgiving meal ideas and then we caught up with a chef at the Main Street Farmers' Market. Check out the Farm to Fork segment!

Kristy with Amir Maan, third-generation farmer

Fishing Forever - June 8, 2014

The BC Wildlife Federation is giving people with disabilities an opportunity to catch trout at Fishing Forever.

Kristy with Fishing Forever participants, Glenn and Brandy, who are in wheelchairs

Comic Vision - April 29, 2014

The Foundation Fighting Blindness brings their annual fundraiser Comic Vision across Canada to raise funds and awareness for research into cures for diseases causing blindness. Watch Comic Vision 2014.

Kristy at Comic Vision 2014

Comedian Craig Gass - April 24, 2014

Craig Gass grew up in a household with parents and a sister who were deaf, so he learned to speak by watching television. His celebrity impersonations have earned him roles on Family Guy and Sex in the City, among other things. Watch my interview with Craig Gass.

Kristy with Craig Gass

Kaitlin Hrudey - April 17, 2014

It could happen to anyone - that's what Kaitlin Hrudey wants people to know about mental illness. Watch my interview with Kaitlin Hrudey.

Kaitlin Hrudey

Vancouver Taxi Driver Training Program - April 11, 2014

The BC Coalition of People with Disabilities is working with the Vancouver Taxi Association to train taxi drivers to better assist people with disabilities. Watch the segment on the Taxi Driver Training Program.

Kristy with a driver from Yellow Cab

Bullying Ends Here - February 5, 2014

Crybaby. Suck. The half no one wanted. Those are the words Tad remembers from his childhood. Tad talks about educating youth, coping mechanisms and the realization of dreams. Watch the interview with Tad Milmine.

Kristy with Tad Milmine

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