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The Kristy Corner Handouts and Videos

One of my favourite pass times is creating handouts and videos that answer my students' questions. Questions can be about anything English-related - grammar, spelling, pronunciation or Canadian culture in general. Feel free to email me if you don't find your answers in the handouts or videos below.


These are printable PDFs.


Conditional Sentences - sentences about wishes or conditions

Confusing Adjectives - when to use not/no, too, very and other adjectives

Future Tenses - writing or talking about tomorrow, next week/month/year

Inversion - Asking questions

Narrative Tenses - Expressions and grammar for telling a story

Passive Construction - Focusing on the object of a sentence

Relative Pronouns - mine, yours, theirs, those, etc.

Spoken Tags - Different ways to ask questions

The Subjunctive - a formal tense used to write or speak about possibilities

Present and Past Tenses - speaking or writing about the present, past and future

The Verb "To Be" - is, are, was, were


General Pronunciation Rules - vowels, consonants and word stress

Letter Sounds - individual letter sounds

Linking - joining letter and word sounds to improve fluency

Silent Letters - letters that make no sound

Tongue Twisters   - silly phrases to practice vowels and consonant sounds

Word Stress - emphasizing the important words in a sentence


ABLE or IBLE? - Incredible or incredable? Dependable or dependible? Find out here.

Plurals - How to spell an object when there is more than one

Spelling Rules - Even with Spell Check around, it is good to know some rules


Coffee Shop Questions - You're in Tim Hortons or Starbucks. What do you say?

More Coffee Shop Vocabulary - Drinks, sandwiches and more.


Essay Writing Guide - Every student's nightmare...simplified. I hope.

Writing an Essay - More on writing essays

Writing Summaries - A good practice when reading





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