Empowerment. Engagement. Authenticity.


Your dusting-powder, sweet-soap scented, spontaneous embrace,

The age-defiant smoothness of your expressive, gentle face.

The sugar-raisin aroma of your sweetbread on Sunday nights

As, over cups of tea, we’d grumble, gossip and share insights.

Our walks in the mall, always arm in arm we’d browse,

Ducking into every store, oblivious to the crowds.

Our afternoons together, watching The Young and the Restless,

My darling Grams, even the quiet times are best!

Here’s to your energetic, on-the-go lifestyle:

To your optimism, your creativity, your effervescent drive.

From painting on t-shirts to curtain design,

To pepper-sauce making and hair-dressing full-time.

For all that you are to me, Dearest Gramma -

My friend, my accomplice, my guiding star.

(c) Kristy Kassie, February 9, 1999

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