Empowerment. Engagement. Authenticity.

To Sir Thomas, from Lady Isha

We meet in the Land of Technology, we just click:

Me, checking the screen window every fifteen minutes,

Eagerly anticipating the first sight of your e-mail;

Me, imagination racing most times, almost hearing

The animated stroke of your fingers along the keyboard roads,

The rhythm encouraging unguarded creativity and the flinging off

Of any inhibitions, as my mind's demons come out to play.

And you - you wooing me unconsciously with digital smiles

And titles you steal - "Re: Whatever title I use" J -

You, who never invent your own titles, not that I mind,

Yes, you - you whose brash compliments and bracketed narration

Lick my pliant senses with undulating pleasure, making me shiver

And squirm and laugh out loud with heated memory in an empty room;

Do I inspire you to greater lengths? (I grin at the wicked thought)

Even now as the urban roads stretch between us.

(c) Kristy Kassie, March 9, 1999

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