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Reminders of You

I could dress this up, I really could,

With fancy words and flowery stuff:

But the beauty of what we share,

You see, lies in the simple things:

In cafeterias, the good-morning aroma

Of strong Colombian coffee in the air,

And toasted bagels with cream cheese

In every combination, day after day.

In dim, bleachy-smelling laundry rooms,

Detergent spattered on peeling tiled floors,

Wrinkled piles of clothing on washer lids,

And the echoing clink of quarters in slots.

In the extra-crispy crunch of KFC combos,

The chocolaty richness of Sara Lee cake,

Rich ice cream cones with nuts and fudge

And the opening hiss of Coke cans and bottles of rum.

In the cracking of knuckles - fingers and toes,

A good old fashioned stretch and manly grunt,

And the relaxed contentment of sleeping

On soft pillows and couch-cushions worn flat.

Summer memories that will keep me warm

As fall’s bleak grayness splashes across the place

Where we met, where I sit remembering,

Treasuring the unique gift that is you.

(c) Kristy Kassie, August 4, 1999

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