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Rangers Lodge Saga - Just One Dance

Was it annoyance at Adrian deserting her or relief that she could mingle unfettered? Kristen wondered, then immediately felt guilty. Adrian was her boyfriend for God’s sake. Hadn’t he spent the better part of the night dancing with her just because she wanted to? Hadn’t he put on a good face as Brooke and then Raven had dragged him off to dance with them?

Running her fingers through hair damp with sweat, she contemplated going to the bar but then the DJ switched from oldies to hip hop and a collective cheer went up as young people flooded the dance floor again. She was craning her neck, looking for Adrian, when someone tapped her shoulder.

Turning, she found herself staring at what she could only describe as six feet plus of lean male swagger decked out in formal black and royal blue. “Been watching you,” he said in a deep voice that made her stomach flutter. “You could use a real dance partner.”

The light in his green eyes, the flirtation she caught in his voice had Kristen’s own mischievous juices surging. She batted her eyelashes and assumed a damsel in distress tone. “Oh yes, please! Any idea where I can find one?”

“Given who you’ve danced with so far,” he smirked, playing the game, “I’d say I’m perfect. Adam Ranger.” He saw recognition spark on her face and his head dipped in a mock bow. “My family owns this place. Owner’s son at your service.” Damn if they didn’t fall right into sync, Adam mused as they started dancing.

“Kristen Kollins,” Kristen cocked her head and met his speculative gaze, deciding to call his bluff. “But you already knew that.”

A genuine laugh broke through his masculine posturing. “Busted. Going to revoke my dancing previleges now?”

“I should.” But she wasn’t going to, Kristen smirked. For the first time that night, she was with a guy who could actually dance, who wasn’t old enough to be her father and who had a dangerous dose of charm. She spun away from him, laughing when he pulled her back with a flick of his wrist. “Now you’re just showing off,” she scoffed. “Where’d you learn your moves?”

“I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you.” He took in the way the lights gleamed off her coffee-coloured skin, watched her hips sway in perfect time to the fast beat. “You’re giving as good as you get.” His eyes went to over her head, saw they had an audience and arched a taunting eyebrow. “Although you’re being a bit conservative. Tiring you out, am I?” Her eyes fired and he brought his mouth to her ear. “Prove it.”

Kristen registered the crowd around them, many of them who had turned to watch her and Adam. She had a brief twinge of uncertainty as Logan let out a wolf whistle and then all she could focus on was Adam gyrating behind her. People cheered and, to her amazement and consternation, Kristen felt exhilarated. Adam spun her to face him as the song ended and flashed a wicked grin.

Kristen took a step back but her eyes sparkled up at him. “Thanks for the rescue.”

“Anything for our guests,” he tossed back smoothly and watched her move to the bar where Adrian was drinking a beer. Adam followed the sway of her hips for several minutes before he caught himself and moved through the crowd.

From the dance floor, Logan watched Adrian’s face light up when Kristen clasped his hand in hers. “Kristen definitely makes him happy,” he said to Brooke who was standing beside him and who had followed his gaze.

Brooke snorted and sipped from her wine glass. “God knows she bends over backwards to do it.”

“Guess we should just be happy for him,” Logan sighed as he watched Kristen lead Adrian to the dance floor. “But, damn, look at his face now. He won’t even pretend to want to dance even though he knows she loves it. Did you catch her dance with Adam?”

“Couldn’t miss it.” Brooke slanted Logan a look. “He one of your players’ club?”

“One of the best.”

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