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Prose by Kristy Kassie

Prose is a term used for short pieces of writing. I use prose to practice different writing skills: creating a setting, developing characters, describing emotions and showing the passage of time. Feedback on the prose below is welcome and, if you need help improving your writing, I'm happy to do that, too!

Brogan Bites is available on Amazon!

In 2016, I started writing creative nonfiction flashes about a character named Brogan. He gathered a following of sorts so I've decided to give him his own book!

Brogan Bites book cover

I got dumped on my twentieth birthday and met the love of my life seven months later. Well, Brogan sure seemed like the love of my life. He was snowball fights at midnight and sneaking off to Ottawa on the flip of a dime. When, after four years of long-distance phone calls and twice-yearly visits, he asked me to move to Vancouver, I didn't think twice. He was the beginning of my twenties…and the end of them. Brogan had been raised to believe that women would always be there to meet his every need. I was determined to be that woman. When he broke up with me five years later, I wondered what else I could have done. Follow my journey from romance to reality in this creative nonfiction collection of poetry and flash prose.


Different Eyes and Other True Stories - coming to Amazon in Spring 2018!

A collection of creative nonfiction flash stories about my life.


A Trini Ting - Coming to Amazon in Summer 2018!

A collection of flash fiction stories set in the country of my birth.



One for the Bad Guys (2017)

Gaston and Scar team up to create an un-Disney movie.

Austen Powers: Lydia's True Colours (2017)

Women are Trouble (2006)

Snow White, from Grumpy's point of view.


Speculative Fiction

Sleeper Cell Conspiracy? (2016)

A cure for disability is a good thing, right?

V is for Victory (2016)

Speculation about independence of the blind in Trinidad and Tobago.


Other Prose

Flipping Weather the Birdie (2016)

Away from Reality (2006)

How Stuff Works (2016)

What's Your View? (2006)

The Plan (2016)

For the Love of Men (2006)

Technical Revelations (2017)

Lovesick (2017)

Austen Powers: The Guy Who Snagged Me (2017)

Pulling Strings (2016)

Prodigal Daughter (2016)


Rangers Lodge Saga - Excerpts from a novel in progress (started in 2015)

Just One Dance

Adam and Kristen meet for the first time.

Stirrings of Conflict

Kristen experiences external and internal conflict.

A Love of Tea

Adam makes tea for two.

The Lodge

Kristen explores Rangers Lodge and is offered a special tour.

Breakfast at Dawn

Adam and Kristen meet at dawn.

Roses and a Memorial

Adam and Kristen enjoy a walk in the rose garden.

A Father's Intuition

Jake Ranger notices a change in his son.

Frisbee Fun

Kristen enjoys a relaxing morning.


Kristen encourages Adam to retreat to collect his thoughts.

Poster Girl

A Facebook post earns Kristen attention.

Dance Class

Kristen and Adrian try a fun afternoon activity.

Dinner and Disappointment

Kristen feels let down.

A Welcome Gesture

Kristen's mood gets a lift.

The Quarry

Adam takes Kristen on another dawn adventure.

Singoff Audition

Kristen's singing is put to the test.

Kitchen Therapy

Kristen enjoys time in the kitchen.

The Treehouse

Kristen's thoughts are thrown into chaos.

The Devil on Her Shoulder

Kristen gets advice from her platonic soul mate.

The Crossroads

Kristen and Adam discuss her conflicting advice.

The Dance

A fun night with consequences.

The Breakup

Kristen makes a choice.

The Aftermath

Kristen awakes the morning after the dance.






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