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Rangers Lodge Saga - Dinner and Disappointment

The informal dining room at Rangers Lodge was rustic and warm, with long oak tables and padded benches at its centre and tables for two along the floor to ceiling windows overlooking one of the ornate lawns. Pot lights glowed off terra cotta tiles and wood-panelled walls.

The theme for dinner that night was family-style eating and people were clustered around platters of Chinese, sizzling fajita trays or large toureens of soup. Uniformed waiters fetched and carried dishes and drinks. Kristen and Adrian sat with Ollie and Brooke, Jackson and Raven and Logan, surrounded by more of Adrian’s younger cousins. While they all shared pad thai and almond chicken, Adrian had managed to scare up a burger and fries.

“You guys really going to zone out to a Lethal Weapon marathon?” Raven scoffed at her husband.

“Since they’ve got the full theatre setup here, why not?” Adrian grinned.

“Nothing stopping you girls from doing something else. I hear there’s an oldies dance,” Logan snickered, then his eyes went to Kristen. “You’d go, too. But you have an audition to gear up for.”

“Audition?” Adrian asked.

Kristen had forgotten to mention the singoff to him. “Apparently, they host a singing competition here,” she said now, picking up a forkful of noodles. “Think I should try out?”

“Yeah, show them how it’s done.” Adrian swilled Coke. “Kristen has an endless songbook in her head and the range to sing it all,” he bragged to his cousins.

“Good, she’ll set the bar high.” Adam slid a platter of Chinese dim sum onto the table and braced on his palms as he leaned beside Logan. He looked at Kristen. “You’re up first. Ten o’ clock. Bring your cheering section.”

“Have you two been introduced?” Logan looked from Adrian to Adam. “Adrian, Adam Ranger’s the junior boss of this place.” As Adrian extended his hand to Adam, Logan added, “Adrian, here, is our resident computer genius.”

“We’ll definitely be there to cheer on Kristen tomorrow,” Raven spoke up. “Where are the auditions?”

“Auditorium A on the East Lawn,” Adam told her.

“Good,” Adrian said, satisfied, as he stood with Ollie and Logan to head to the theatre room. “You guys can let me know how it goes.”

“You’re not going to be there?” Kristen, Brooke and Raven burst out almost at the same time, varying degrees of dismay, shock and disappointment on their faces.

“That early? No way.” Besides,” Adrian patted Kristen’s shoulder. “She’ll rock.”

When the guys had departed, Adam leading the way, Brooke shook her head in disgust. “What an asshole.”

“Mornings aren’t his thing,” Kristen said lightly, but it really did hurt.

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