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Rangers Lodge Saga - Poster Girl

With Bella snug and sleeping in her stroller, Kristen settled down on the blanket and booted up her laptop. The sun was warm on her skin but a cool breeze made it pleasant. She slid the card from her camera into the computer and admired the photos Adam had taken that morning. She studied the photo of her standing with the water and flowers in the background and decided it would make the perfect profile picture.

She uploaded and captioned some of her favourites and then absently scrolled through her news feed. She stopped short when she noticed Logan had shared a photo to her page and tagged her. It was the shot of Kristen sprawled between two beds of roses, one pink, the other red, a wide smile on her face. Someone, most likely Adam since the original post had come from the Rangers’ Lodge official page, had titled the shot, “Finding Sunrise Beauty at Rangers.”

There were more than a dozen comments from her friends and Adrian’s family. She grinned when she saw that one of her best friends had congratulated Adrian on getting up that early and that Logan had replied with a derisive “Hell no, he didn’t!”

Hearing a message come in, Kristen plugged in her ear buds and turned on her screenreader to listen to the note from another one of her favourite people. This one, Chris, had been her ex ages ago but, somehow, they had worked their way around to being platonic soul mates.

Hey you. How goes the vacation? Mom says you’re featured in some ad for the place. Reaching for the stars as always, I see. But yet you’re attracted to lazy assholes like me and Adrian. What’s with that, anyway?

Ha ha, Kristen typed back. Doing things without Adrian, actually, so you should be proud of me. It had always been easy to be completely honest with Chris. He had no problem admitting he was just as lazy as Adrian and was always telling Kristen she could do better, with the exception of a dirty weekend or two set aside for him, of course. As for the ad, Kristen continued typing, I went for a sunrise walk this morning and one of the owners asked if he could post the pic. Had no idea he would turn it into an official ad. She thought back to Adam’s words when he’d uploaded the photos from her camera. Guess there’ll be more to come if I continue these sunrise adventures, she told Chris.

Heh, what’s Adrian’s take on your new fame?

Dunno. He’s not up yet.

Isn’t it his fucking family you’re with?

Before Kristen could send a response, the Frisbee landed beside her. “Just checking whether you still remembered we’re here,” Logan teased from his stance twenty feet away.
Telling Chris she’d be right back, Kristen pushed to her knees and whipped the Frisbee back in a low pass that had Logan scrambling to catch it.

“Was aiming for your balls for sharing that ad,” she called with a laugh.

“Public property,” Logan retorted. “Besides,” he jerked a thumb at Adam who had returned, Kristen noted, looking more relaxed after his walk. , “he started it.” Logan whizzed the Frisbee to Ollie who had it zipping quickly to Jackson.

“Started what?” Raven wanted to know as she and Brooke stepped aside to watch the guys go at it. Both women pulled off their baseball caps and wafted their sweaty faces.

“She’s Adam’s new poster girl,” Logan grinned, almost tipping backwards as he reached for a pass from Ollie. Kristen cringed at the description.

“Shared with consent,” Adam said mildly. “You’re all welcome to post any photos and testimonials on any of our official pages.” He tapped the Frisbee against his thigh as the other two men signaled a break and headed towards Kristen. Brooke and Raven had already picked spots on the blanket and were poring over the photos Adam had posted of their morning in the rose garden.

“Do we get cool photo get ups like this if we share?” Raven tapped a finger against the ad then rolled her eyes at Kristen. “How the crap do you manage to look so radiant at five thirty in the morning?” Phone in one hand, she chugged from a water bottle in the other.

“More like six thirty, I think,” Kristen shrugged, typing a message to Chris telling him she had company now. She bit back a grin when he asked if her company was of the cuddly female variety. “The scenery and photography helped.” Why were she and Adam avoiding each other’s eyes all of a sudden? she wondered.

“Still…” Raven dug into her knapsack and produced a bag of corn chips which she passed around. They all dug in as even Logan and Ollie directed their phones to Facebook and the Rangers Lodge FB page. Kristen tried not to squirm under their attention.

“Why don’t you all come out tomorrow. We can all be stars,” she joked.

“For once I’m with my brother on that one,” Brooke said and Raven echoed her. “What does he think of these pics? I mean the idea of you being the model,” she clarified. “I get he can’t actually see them.” She reached into her own backpack and passed around a bag of mixed nuts.

“He’s not on Facebook.”

“You know, for a tech genius,” Ollie said, and Kristen was surprised because Ollie rarely joined in on the family’s Adrian bashing. “He can be pretty close-minded sometimes.”

“Sometimes?” Brooke spluttered. She shoveled in chips and nuts with a tilt of her head. “But, okay, he’s great at tech. Gotta get him to look at my IPhone. It’s acting up.”

Use him when you want, Kristen thought cynically. “Anyway, I don’t think he’ll care one way or the other.” She kicked herself when she saw her friends roll their eyes. Way to rescue his rep, she groaned. “Meaning he’s used to me sharing photos,” she explained but the words sounded lame to her own ears.

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