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Rangers Lodge Saga - The Devil on Her Shoulder


Chris called within seconds of Kristen’s text. “Someone’s in trouble,” he clucked. “Now, I know you get hot and wet at the sound of my voice but I’ll take the dent in my ego. Tell me about what’s his name.”


Kristen brought Adam’s face into her mind. “He’s a morning person,. Likes to cook and listen to country music. Prefers tea to coffee. Likes to take pictures.”


“Uh oh, he’s not into Celine Dion, is he?”


Kristen laughed. “Not the way I am.”


“So besides waking up with the roosters, lousy taste in beverages and music and his sissy domestic skills, what else makes him different?”


“Different? How do you mean?”


 “You don’t willingly let anyone entertain you. You’re too worried you’re keeping them back from something or someone more important. Yet you spend a lot of time with this guy.”


 Guest Services is his job,” Kristen pointed out.


“At dawn?”


“He offered,” she insisted.


“And you probably released a flood of refusals.” Chris drew in an exaggerated gasp. “Did he stand his ground?” At Kristen’s silence, he chuckled. “So now you’re feeling guilty for liking his company. That’s why you’re neck deep in babysitting and a bloody fixture in his kitchen. Prove your worth and avoid thinking about the real issue. You know better.”   


“I like babysitting and cooking,” Kristen said, knowing she sounded like a pouty child.


“And that’s fine. It’s the why not the what that’s the problem. You’re too wrapped up in caring for everyone else but yourself. I dumped you on your twentieth birthday and look at us now. Platonic soul mates.” His voice deepened. “And, when you give up on wanting a houseful of kids, I’ll marry you and make an honest sex slave out of you.”


God help her, Kristen knew it was true. “Adam thinks he and I are a good idea.”




“It doesn’t matter, does it?”

“There you go again. Putting someone else first. What do you want?”


“Honestly?” Kristen closed her eyes. “To be with you in a hotel room somewhere far away.”


“Running away doesn’t solve anything. Starting something new is scary as hell but it sounds like this will be good for you. Go for it.”


 “Love you, demon.”


She could feel Chris’ grin all the way from Ontario. “Love you, demoness.”

 (c) Kristy Kassie, 2016

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