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Talk About the Weather - Flipping Weather the Birdie

The road stuck out from a slate-grey horizon, like a dark, wet tongue, mocking him. That was when he could see the goddamned road. Rain splattered the windshield and windows like birdshit, making the wipers as useless as chopsticks in soup.

"What did Margerie say?" Steve asked.

"Make it work." Arnold swerved the van away from the scrape of a sodden branch. Trees drooped like scraggly panhandlers on either side of the road. Cover a golf tournament for TV in this weather. Sure, boss lady, easy for you to say.

"At least there's the clubhouse and that beautiful covered patio where we can do interviews."

Arnold cut a look at the reporter in the backseat with her bouncy ponytail and buttercup yellow blouse. Trust little Miss Sunshine to see a silver lining. Bad enough she was this chirpy before coffee. Like to see her ankle-deep on soggy turf handling a camera. He sank deeper into the collar of his windbreaker and watched the Starbucks drive-through inch closer.

When they arrived at the clubhouse, Laughter mixed with the clink of glasses and cutlery. Jesus, most people had pints of beer in their hands. Didn't anyone notice the monsoon out there? Maybe ‘notice’ wasn’t the right word since these were blind golfers but, seriously, who could ignore the tennis-ball thud of rain on the roof? Arnold supposed even he would tolerate the weather if he could drink before nine in the morning. But, no, he was about to shoot footage in a downpour.

At least Steve had taken Miss Sunshine's idea and set up interviews on the patio. The stalwart producer and his effervescent teammate. Arnold trailed after them, huddled behind his camera and set up the first shot.

"Now there's something I'd like to stretch out on my butcher block," a tubby man whistled in Miss Sunshine's direction. He jostled his companion. "Eh, Larry? That one would sure heat up your bakery.” Arnold thought Larry resembled a skinny candle in a squat holder. “Come meet two of this town's most upstanding citizens, sweetheart," the butcher beckoned to Miss Sunshine.

"She's on the job fellas," Steve intervened mildly.

The butcher leered. "I gotta job for her."

"Rising to the occasion!" the baker chortled.

Briefly forgetting visions of soaked socks and dripping clothes, Arnold chuckled. Now there was a story- the butcher, the baker and Miss Sunshine as the candlestick – heh – ‘taker.’


(c) Kristy Kassie, 2016


Talk About the Weather

The weather can affect how a character perceives a situation and the people in it.

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