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Rangers Lodge Saga - Stirrings of Conflict

“I could get used to a vacation with a babysitter at my beck and call,” Brooke jibed, sliding Kristen a plate with eggs, sausage and fruit. She popped a strawberry into Bella’s mouth as her three-year old daughter amused herself by taking a fistful of pansies apart petal by petal, watching them fall to the grass.

“Isn’t that what you do everyday, anyway?” Logan chortled, pulling up a chair at their table and pinching Bella’s cheek. “Adrian’s just a big kid and, from what I hear, you take real good care of him.” He attacked his food with gusto.

“Don’t start,” Kristen protested.

“So does Adrian know where to find you if he decides to wake up?” Adrian’s mother, Leigh asked. She was a slight woman with a profusion of burnished blonde hair, brandy- coloured eyes and a wisp of a voice that belied a sharp sense of sarcastic humour.

“He’ll text me so I can meet him,” Kristen replied.

“What if you’re busy? There’s a tour of the grounds after breakfast. Are you just, like, going to ditch us to go back for him?” Leigh’s delicately arched brows shot up in amused impatience.

Kristen shrugged, feeling embarrassed on Adrian’s behalf as she always did in these situations. Why did she feel a constant need to defend him? He was the one happy to sleep away half the day. “I’ll figure something out.” She rose. “Anyone need anything from the kitchen? Going to see if they have tea.”

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