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Road to Hell - Technical Revelations

Well, to say he was shocked at the things coming out of the IPhone on his desk would be the understatement of the year. That filthy, lying…if she was trying to piss him off, this did it. So she said she didn't love him in the same way he loved her. Did that give her the right to – Goddamnit, she and this stranger were planning a hook up! Eric resisted the urge to hurl the IPhone across the room.

On the screen, the chat conversation rolled on.

did some cost calculation for the hotel. It's looking like around $600 for 3ish nights. $10 a night for parking which is not bad.

Flattered that you think I'm worth that much. 🙂

money shouldn't factor into a person's worth. it's simply planning around our logistics and trying to make something work if it's meant to be.

Eric was really looking forward to the heaping spoon full of shit when Marcy claimed it wasn't what it looked like. It was all sitting here on the screen. And she said she didn't want to hurt him. His mouth twisted. He wondered if Marcy thought this online Prince Charming was worth ruining everything they had together. She'd broken them up after 9 years and gone to online dating. Was she so starved for attention?

And then she just hands over her IPhone for him to update. Did she think he was a fool? Eric seethed as more drivel filled the phone's screen.

we can stay up late swapping stories. 🙂

I'll be like once upon a time in a galaxy far far away...

Haha...I would be all princesses and happy ever after.

You can be Princess Leia and I'll be your Han Solo

Eric's fingers uncurled from the handles of his chair and settled on his keyboard. It was time he sent 'Richard' a message of his own. Poetic justice that it would come from Marcy. Bitch had given him all her passwords. Eric started to type:

You are being played. Run far and run fast.
Eric hit enter just as Marcy wished her Prince Charming a good night, complete with kissing face emoji. As the IPhone went blessedly quiet, Eric opened up a new email and started his message to Marcy.


(c) Kristy Kassie, 2017


Road to Hell

Sometimes a character's plans go terribly wrong.

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