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Take a Number - One for the Bad Guys

"Women!" Gaston blustered. "They swoon over Prince Charming when deep down all they want is a man to take charge." He flexed his impressive biceps and checked out his square jaw in the wall-to-wall mirrors in his study.

"Tell me about it." Scar pushed up from his sprawl on the floor, eyeing his own reflection. "Mufasa got the lion's share of everything. Is it my fault Disney colorized the good guys and relegated us to browns and greys?"

"Our new movie isn't with Disney, is it?" Gaston reminded him. "We're writing things our way. And, for a share of the profits, one of the six princesses out there will be ours." Gaston viewed the outer room through a two-way mirror. "Hollywood will cry discrimination but Pocahontas, Mulan and Esmerelda have to go. minorities just aren't my thing." He swiped a hand across the mirror and the three brown-skinned beauties vanished. God, living in animation was fun!

"Call the first one in," Scar said. He and Gaston took seats behind an imposing oak desk, Scar stretched out on a padded bench, Gaston in his favourite leather chair.

"Do you always do as you're told?" Gaston demanded the minute the woman appeared.

Golden curls framing her delicate face, Princess Aurora regarded them through guileless blue eyes. "Why, yes."

"A submissive!" Scar mused, angled brows furrowing beneath his wild, dark mane. "Appealing."

"I'd get bored," Gaston drawled, snapping his fingers at the door. "Next!"

Aurora disappeared in a twinkle-burst of light. Black-haired Snow White, with red bows in her hair and on her billowing puff sleeves, twirled into the room, long skirt bright as sunshine.

"I'll do anything for my men. And I'll do it again and again," she promised. "I'll clean your house and bake you pies. I'll do it all before your eyes."

"If you don't rhyme us to death first," Scar growled. He dismissed her with a wave of his paw. "Next!"

There was another sparkle of light as Snow White vanished.

"Don't think I can stand much more of this ruffles and rosebuds crap." Scar flicked his tail in irritation. "Disney princesses really are quite vanilla."

"Says who?" Ariel swept in, emerald fishtail skirt parting to reveal a pair of shapely legs, both men's jaws fell open. She shook her fire-engine red hair and her shell-covered breasts jiggled. "Gentlemen, I'm ready for a makeover."

"Why should we believe you?" Gaston snapped, annoyed that Ariel had his heart pounding triple time.

"As my good friend Sebastian says," Ariel purred, sashaying to the desk and leaning in close, "Darling it's better down where it's wetter, take it from me." She licked her full, red lips. "And I can guarantee each one of you bad boys a happy ending."


Take a Number

Here's a scene where quick character exits advance the plot.

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