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Emotion in Writing - A Break from Reality

Sunrise tips the chilly mountain air with warm promise and bathes the lake in muted peach. Dewy treetops nod good morning to cotton-puff clouds and there is the reluctant flutter of wings in their branches. A squirrel tsks in annoyance and skitters deeper into the forest. A drowsy stillness persists, punctuated only by wing-beats and water-ripples. Standing at the railing of the small pier, I inhale the crispness of peppermint bushes and gaze out to the horizon. No boats, no swimmers.

I almost regret disturbing this natural awakening with my human presence. But in nature’s serenity, I find my own. For blessed moments, my mind holds nothing of consequence. I take time to look, listen, smell and feel. City life leaves little room for such luxuries. I’m always rushing for the bus, standing in impatient lineups, working towards deadlines. It’s the stuff reality seems made of these days so I cherish my summer escapes to Lake Joe. For two weeks, I am miles away from skyscrapers and smog alerts. As soon as I arrive, I can feel the corset of life’s obligations fall away.

I revel in sun-drenched days of canoe trips, endless swimming and outdoor picnics. Here, laughter and play flow, unchecked by the regiment of age. Yesterday, my friends and I played tag through the woods, spraying each other with paint-filled Super Soakers. Last night, we sang bawdy camp songs till our throats got raw. Yes, my student loans will take an eon to be repaid and I’m not covered by my parents’ medical insurance anymore and someday I’d like to have a place of my own. But right now, I am as carefree and content as the birds exchanging their morning gossip.


 (c) Kristy Kassie, 2006


Emotion in Writing

Showing the emotions of characters in a story or in an essay involves your reader in what is written. It is better to show than tell. In the piece above, peace is shown in the quiet beauty of the setting.

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