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Writing Feedback - Coup de Gras

"I couldn't find anything to complain about and nothing I could suggest to make this piece work better. I'm thinking either I lost the ability to critique properly or you did an excellent job with this one. I would have liked to drop some LSD, to see how the sub looked through psychedelic eyes but alas I haven't had any acid since about 1971. I even resorted to reading other people's critiques, to see if they had found something I missed. I had no luck there either. I'll just say good work." - J. Jones


"Wow, you had me right there at the scene with Clive. Great descriptions of the destruction - the smashed storefront, the missing merchandise, people in the streets carrying stolen goods. I feel Clive's shock as he steps into his shop and realises that everything has been taken right down to the toilet. Loved the feel of his fist crashing into the looter's face. Great ending and a great title too." - E. Ellis


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