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Writing Feedback - Different Eyes

Very nice, Kristy. Very touching and well written. - Anita S.

Congratulations, Kristy, on the publication of your flash nonfiction, "Different Eyes." Also, a big congrats for all of your other publication successes that you mentioned in your interview. The story is great, although sobering. Yes, it captures that moment when innocence is lost. I think we all go through it. Looking forward to reading more of your published work. - T. Tu

Beautiful, Kristy, and it hit home. My family experienced a similar thing. - J. Kwon

As someone who has a physical difference (born with only one arm), this story spoke me. I, too, wanted to be like the other kids, able to do what they could do. The realization that I was “different” was not easy to understand when I was young. Great job portraying that notion from the perspective of a child. :) Thanks for sharing! - S. Simon

Congratulations on your success. Your essay had some really strong descriptive language. - A. Troya-Whyte

Good one, Kristy. - J. Weston

This one deserves publication. Congratulations. - W. Shear

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