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"A well written account of humanity in the face of a natural disaster. Although Cecil s life is shattered by a storm, he saves his child's toy. The image of him carrying that plastic bag filled with the few things he could salvage from his life, fighting the storm as he trudges forward to his family will stay with me." - W. Shear


"The description of the hurricane was excellent. I could just see the winds and the rain ripping apart everything. Also you showed the fortitude of the people. They will rebuild and start all over. They were good with each other and will support each other through the hard times ahead. Good story." - M. Coolick


Praise for the Microfiction Version


I just commented on your story at the 101 Words site saying how I admire your ability to say so much in so few words. I didn’t realize it was your first attempt at writing something so short! Good job! It’s very powerful! The intense imagery pulled me in. - S. Simon

Congratulations, Kristy-certainly appropriate given the terrible flooding in the midwest. - J. Kwong

Congratulations! I really liked it! - L. Brody

Reads like a prayer. - Dante Murray

This is lovely and well done. - Benita Wiggins

Great story. Well Done. - Swarn Gill

Nice and concise view into the aftermath. - Rick Belina



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