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Writing Feedback - Pan Man

"I googled a lot, and was happy to learn so many new words. I thought you did a remarkable job with your story. The dialogue is done so well, I could hear them. Well done. You packed in so much detail, drew out memorable characters, told us a fine story, and gave us a gasp-worthy ending." - Jyothi, India


"Good plot, good characters, good dialogue." - J. Jones


"the voice in this story is wonderful. I felt like i was inside her head. Such a sad story but I guess Beulah's man died happy. This is pretty fitting, all told, when you think of the wonderful artists we've lost this year. Hope that 2017 will be better. Had to laugh at the 'silly' birds and the mangoes. Not so silly, they always get most of ours." - F. McKay, Australia


"what a lovely story! I was right there with Beulah as she told of the life Malcolm had built for them. Of his hard toil in the fields. Then of his love for music and his dream to play with the Desperadoes. By the way, I love a steel band. The dialect just rolls along and is very realistic. Then you made me cry at the end when Beulah found him slumped over his steel drum. Excellent job." - E. Ellis, Florida


"this is one of your best stories. I very much enjoyed reading about this man's love of music and for his wife. For years, he worked hard in his cane fields, and decided it was finally time to craft his next instrument. After my first read, I read the intro with new appreciation. You put the reader immediately in the scene and set up the ending. The dialogue is so well written that I easily visualize the two characters bantering afffectionately with each other. The quick description of {Malcolm's} industrious habits tells us that he's a good husband and deserving of {Beulah's} respect." - K. Highgrove, California



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