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"You probably don't want to hear this, but if there is a God, she hates you. First we have a story about mean children despising you for being disabled, then a story about a cowardly boyfriend and now this one about even more health problems. And yet this imaginary God gave you the ability to write lovely stories. I have a theory about that. (I just love theories, I have a theory about almost everything.) You can write lovely stories because God wants everyone to know how much she hates you. She would take out ads in newspapers and on television to let people know the vastness of her hate but all the money people give to preachers stays with them. God is broke, living in poverty on the streets of gold in heaven." - J. Jones


"A powerfully written account of pain and fear from the point of view of a young girl." - W. Shear


"Powerful, painful, beautiful. Definitely from the child’s point of view and in her voice." - M. Klein

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