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"This is sweet, a young blind child trying to make sense of his world. You've done a good job of staying with the child's voice and mostly in the child's POV." - Peggy V


"This is a lovely (though sad at the same time) tale of a little boy trying to imagine how things look and having the simple thought that, if batteries make his truck work they can also make his eyes work. The talk between mother and son is very real. Love the way he can hear the smile in her voice but can also sense when she's sad." - E. Ellis


"This is one imaginative little kid! Totally believable. Well done." - F. McKay


"this was just absolutely lovely. Such a clever, intuitive young child to both understand those subtle connections (“can batteries make my eyes work?”) and read the emotions of the adults around him (“He asks a happy question”). He reminds me a lot of my favorite nephew when he was young. " - M. Klein

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