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"Well that was magical. I bet Kristen was missing her camera after all that.
I like how the description contrasts Kristen's mood but mimics Adam's and how he's able to reel her back in with a bit of magic. I suspect that's not the first time Adam's done that. You made me like this couple." - A. McFarley


"Adam doesn't push; he guides. I can learn from him." - W. Shear 


"Your descriptions were fantastic! I had such a great time reading this scene; it was wonderful." - D. Augie


"You have a true writer's instinct for creating a mood with details while keeping your eye on the bigger picture — the story itself. Maybe tone down the purple prose a bit. Not every noun needs an adjective, so choose only the ones that seem necessary to the story. Also, adverbs like "enigmatically," "absently," and pretty much any words that end in "ly" make your description feel bloated. Eliminate them and this piece is perfect!" - J. Behr

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