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Manequin Musings - Sanctuary

"Our little miss is sad, Stella. I wanna help her." Andy slouched on the white four-poster bed, its pink-and-white checkered bedspread trimmed with a triple layer of ruffles. Like the matching curtains, the spread and pillow shams were dotted with cloud bursts where Snoopy skipped in a field of flowers. "She cried herself to sleep last night," Andy went on. "Even though she held me tight, I felt powerless."

He studied his floppy body in disgust. One good tug he grimaced and his blue tuxedo would rip right through. And what superhero had threads of red hair sticking out at all angles and patches of leftover felt for eyes? Raggedy indeed.

Stella turned from the louvered window where she'd watched her little miss leave for school. "Oh, Andy. I think there's worse stuff out there than we can ever imagine." Her sapphire blue eyes moistened under her crop of blond curls. "When I came to her, she was no taller than I am, just turned three and only then taking her first steps. She called me her walking doll."

Stella's cheeks and lips were tinted bright pink from the marker her little miss had used as makeup the afternoon before. It matched Stella's pink skirt and white top. Much better than the orange pasted on her last week. The colour had nearly driven Stella mad. Oh but how her little miss had beamed!

"I've been to the hospital with her, remember? Three brain operations in three weeks last year, poor thing. Been through way too much for a ten-year old." Andy's zigzag mouth drooped. "Still placed second in her class, though. But she told me last night that no one talks to her at school. Guess all those get well cards her classmates made were just for show."

"We are not powerless!" the Cabbage Patch Kids chorused from their place under the little miss' desk where remnants of last night's tea party still sat. Pink plates, pink cups, pink cupcakes on the pink shag carpet.

"We can't do anything about the bad stuff out there," yellow-haired Amy Cabbage Patch said, watching the purple bougainvillea nod in the breeze beyond the window. "But we can keep her safe when she's in here."

"That's right!" Dawn Cabbage Patch chimed in, her brown ponytail bouncing. "In here, none of the bad stuff matters."


(c) Kristy Kassie, 2017


Manequin Musings

Giving human traits and voices to inanimate objects is an interesting way to tell a story.

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