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Bard on the Beach - Shakespeare in Love

Kristy and Shawn at the post-show touch tour, Viola's antique fan in hand

So many awesome Vocaleye events under my belt this summer, this season in fact, and only two done in the rain. Not bad at all, considering this is Raincouver. Getting a little wet didn't detract from my enjoyment of Bard on the Beach on August 11. Who can complain when a theatre buddy meets you at the Skytrain and escorts you to the venue over sidewalk and bike lane, boardwalk and lawn? Special shout out to Rick L. for being our theatre buddy given he was theatre buddy to other Vocaleye patrons barely twelve hours before! Coming to think of it, Rick L. has been an extremely patient and helpful buddy to my boyfriend and I this Vocaleye season. So have Nori, Kevin and Andy.

#Bard2019 even let us use their gazebo for our Notable Sociable picnic before the show. As usual, Amy provided quite the spread of sandwiches and snacks and volunteers were all too happy to serve us as we chatted away. Thanks to Ava for coming out to the gazebo to present the pre-show notes. Excellent job, Aileen, for the live description of Shakespeare in Love, especially those rowdy and comical tavern and fight scenes. The post-show touch tour was an unexpected bonus.

What a high note to end off the 2018-2019 season. Already looking forward to what's on the 2019-2020 calendar.

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