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"Misery" at the Arts Club Theatre, Granville Island

My boyfriend, Shawn, and I are both people with vision loss. We pride ourselves on having the orientation and mobility (O & M) skills, the confidence and the technology to get anywhere on our own. Granville Island is not one of those places but we really wanted to see "Misery" at the Arts Club Theatre on April 24, 2018.

We'd used VocalEye's Theatre Buddy program once before, for a performance of "Beauty and the Beast" in December 2017, and agreed that having sighted guides help us navigate within the theatre relieved a lot of stress. After walking with Nori and Yousef to Granville Island, having crossed streets, wended through parks and picked through Granville Island's maze of paths which pedestrians share with vehicles, we have a new appreciation for VocalEye's Theatre Buddy Program.

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