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Writing Feedback

Getting other people to read your writing is a great way to improve. It is always rewarding when a reader sees a character or setting in the same way that you, the writer, sees it. Or when a reader laughs or cries because a story you wrote affects them. And if they don't, they just might have ideas and suggestions that help you accomplish that goal.

I participate in an online writing workshop where participants regularly offer and accept feedback on their writing. Many times, they make changes based on that feedback. Below is feedback that I've received on pieces I've written.


All You Need is Grit

A Matter of Taste

Brain Storm

Caught Between Realities (Rangers Lodge Saga)

Coup de Gras

Different Eyes

Eye on the Prize

Give Me a Break

Grease Frightening

How Stuff Works

Pan Man

Paralympic Spotlight

Prodigal Daughter

The Devil on Her Shoulder (Rangers Lodge Saga)

The Ex Factor

The Message

The Treehouse (Rangers Lodge Saga)

V is for Victory





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